How do I know if my child has exorcist abilities?

Look for signs of heightened empathy, a strong connection to the spiritual world, and the ability to sense negative energies. The Pope’s exorcist parents Guide

Is exorcism safe for my child?

Exorcism is a sacred duty but can be mentally and emotionally challenging. Ensuring your child’s well-being is paramount. The Pope’s exorcist parents Guide

Can I share my child’s experiences with others?

Exorcist children often have sensitive experiences. It’s crucial to respect their privacy and boundaries. The Pope’s exorcist parents Guide

How can I support my child’s spiritual growth?

Encourage them to explore their gifts, connect with mentors, and nurture their spiritual development. The Pope’s exorcist parents Guide

Does Pope’s exorcist have jump scares?

There are the moments and sequences you get to see that you’d expect, the jump scares, the dialogues, the explosions, they’re all there